Some small tweaks in ecommerce can make a big difference to your profits.

What many web designers and developers fail to understand when creating an ecommerce site is the psychology that goes into making an online purchase. Many web people have also never sat on the other side and run an ecommerce business themselves, and have perhaps overlooked the ways in which your website works with other parts of your business.

I’ve built, launched, maintained, redesigned & consulted for ecommerce stores across a number of platforms including Magento, Shopify, Maropost (formerly Neto), Woocommerce & more and have a deep technical understanding of the possibilities & limitations of each platform.

When I consult with ecommerce stores, we take a deep dive into current metrics & performance and work our way through the customer journey, looking at every touch point. From the moment your customer lands on your site to the point where their updating their contact information inside their online account and everything in between, each page they view and email they receive is an opportunity to grow the relationship with that customer (and, in turn, grow revenue). We also look at ways to improve efficiency in processing the orders, administration, inventory management, logistics and automated communications.

Each ecommerce business is unique, and I take a personalised approach to all the work I do. What might work for one type of store might not be necessarily right for another store, so I take the time to get to know your business, your brand and your goals so that everything that we do is line with them.

I’m located in Sydney, Australia but consult with businesses all around the world over Zoom. If you’re interesting in seeing how I can be of value to your business, book in a chat on the link below. If you’re also within Sydney, you have the option of meeting in person, either at a cafe or I can come to your business premise.